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Frequently Asked Questions

Admin | Sep 14, 2017

What are the duration of the leases? Are the leases long-term or month to month?

-We understand that our customers are constantly on the move, Therefore, our leases are on month to month basis, and you are not locked into a contract.
What if I want to move out? How many days before should I notify?
-We request that you give us a 30 day notice as soon as you know you'll be vacating. This enables us to cancel AP or make any adjustments to your account, enabling for a smooth transition.
Do you have any On-site Manager?
-Yes, absolutely!  We have a manager that lives on-site and they makes daily yard checks to ensure your belonging are secure.
What is the minimum time I can store an item?
-The minimum time you can store is a month,  but you are not required to stay that long.  We also have a daily parking rate for those customers who just need to park a vehicle for a few days.
What are your payment methods?
-We Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Check and Cash, for methods of payment.
Can I transfer mu unit without a fee?
-Yes you can transfer your unit, from a small to large, where you just pay the difference, or from a large to a small,  where we credit your account the following month and there is not a fee for transferring.
Can I access my unit on holidays?
-Yes, as long as your account is current, you can access your unit 7-days a week, which includes holidays. Normal gate hours apply.
Do you have employees who speak Spanish?
-Yes, We do!!